Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Formal wear for summer. Summer dress up for women.

So much little girl dress-up.  How about women?  Finding that perfect dress for a summer wedding or evening out is always a task.  With handmade you are sure to find a one of a kind stand out piece that you will cherish for years to come.  Handmade jewelry designers offer the finest in jewelry pieces made out of high quality material and handmade clothing designers off you style, fabrics and quality that you will not find in mass produced items.  Have fun this summer and get yourself something special, something handmade and one of a kind.

Sea Glass, Urchin, Rocks & Shell Patterned Sterling Round Pendant  Metal_Artistry a pro member of Artfire since 2010 has created this unique necklace.  Made out of blue and white sea glass, urchins, shells, and pebbles on a round silver textured pendant.  Metal Artistry has amazing jewelry that are very unique it was hard to find just one to feature but this is just summer to me.  How great to wear the beach on you as a great necklace.  Here is a mini interview with Metal Artistry, enjoy!

"With an art background consisting of absolutely nothing, I started taking oil painting classes. Might as well start big. Well, I discovered you really do have to put in your time and do the work, so I started the journey of a lifetime by taking still and life drawing classes. To this day they are my mainstay for design, balance, symmetry, color and whimsy. Although I don't paint as often as I would like to I have taken the lessons learned and started making polymer clay pieces, then metal clay and now sterling, copper, and brass jewelry. I think I found my real passion (but who knows?)

I'm older than dirt and have the scars to prove it. My husband and I have traveled and lived all over the world and now call South Carolina home. We live near some very vibrant art communities that I try to visit whenever possible. My husband got tired of me working on my jewelry ever second of the day and night and started doing chain maile himself. He works on things that are detail demanding and I work on my jewelry which I consider unplanned and whimsical. We strike a good balance.

I usually make a piece based either on the last piece I made, which I wanted to improve on or change slightly or from a form I've seen in nature or a stone or bead that I have had sitting on my bench. I try to incorporate new techniques in my work to keep it fresh and to push my personal design and fabrication abilities.

I've been asked what my favorite animal and color is. Right now I can tell you it isn't a squirrel (they are ruining my garden) but I am enjoying the birds in my backyard. They keep me entertained by playing in the birdbath, and balancing on the bird feeders. I love watching them make nests and feed their babies. It's the whole cycle of life. Color wise - there is no better color than a fine copper. I love copper."

Thank you Metal Artistry for taking the time to let us all in on a little about you!

Miss Iman Onasis  The-Art-Of-Tara a Artfire pro member has created this one of a kind dress.  This is not a dress for the faint.  This see through crocheted dress is a show stopper.  The measurements of this dress are perfect for a curvy woman, I am in love with this dress.  The dress is also adorned with black pearlescent and cear acrylic beads crochet around the top, waist and bottom of the dress.  It is perfect for a taller woman as a cute mid calf or on a average size lady as a full length.  Being it is see through it is a perfect excuse for getting the killer silk slip you want and never had a reason to buy.  Make sure to stop by The Art Of Tara for one of a kind crochet dresses, shawls and ponchos. 

Miss Me peep toe Clear Swarovski crystals encrusted platform pumps  NadaJennings a Artfire member since 2010 bring us the bling.  The shoes are lovely each pair is hand encrusted with 7000 clear 3mm Swarovski crystals and are ready to make their way to your home.  NadaJennings also takes custom orders for these bad  boys so I'm thinking 4 pairs in 4 colors, a girl can dream.  Make sure to check out Nada's shop for great shoes, bridal jewelry and everyday jewelry.

Till next time this is Tonya Goudy with your handmade clothing and fashion look for today.  Make sure to visit Artfire the next time you want to shop for unique and quality made jewelry, clothing, shoes, home decor, art and so much more.

Hand produced not Mass produced.

Are you a artist that would like to have one of your items featured in a head to toe daily handmade look?  Please check out this post as to what is needed, Artist info.

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