Friday, June 17, 2011

4th of July fashion for the girls. Clothing and accessories in red, white and blue.

Fourth of July is right around the corner and how cute it is to dress our girl in patriotic fashion from head to toe.  Handmade offers style for the season that you can not beat and quality that you will be able to hand down. 

LiliBug Patriotic American Flag Flower Hair ClipFirst is a cute hair bow by, lilibugboutique,  she has been a pro member of Artfire since 2009.  The bow is so perfect for the fourth with the red and white and blue and white ribbon and the wooden star in the middle with a cute red button.  The clip is a lined alligator clip so no sagging on delicate hair.  Lilibug specializes in girls hair accessories, so if it's hair she has got the cute stuff!

Toddler Sundress Set - Star Spangled - Size 18/24 MonthNext up is, JoyfullySewnDesigns, she is a pro membr of Artfire.  All three dress are her designs.  Since I am a sucker for sisters all dressed alike I thought what a better time to showcase the sisterly cuteness.  This dress is for the little ones it is a cute little sundress with matching bloomers.  Got to love bloomers!

Little Girls Patriotic 4th of July Sundress Size 2,3,4Up next from Joyfully is for you toddler, a fun little sundress that is ready for the fourth of July with traditional red, white and blue stars.

Girls Patriotic 4th of July Patchwork Peasant Skirt - Size 6/8 Up next is time for big sis with this cute custom pathwork skirt.  The length is perfect for the whole day and well into the fireworks.  Joyfully was nice enough to do a mini interview with me so read about Joyfully, she has a name it Sarah.
Who are you?  Tell us a little about you. 
"My name is Sarah. I'm the second of three children (first girl). I'm pretty quiet, and don't usually talk a whole lot. I'm a good listener though. I'm shy around some people, but I love spending time with children!"
How and when did you get started?
"I started seriously sewing when I was 18, and I haven't really stopped since then (12 years ago). I've been doing custom sewing for about 11 years and finally opened up an online shop the fall of 2009. I love to create beautiful and feminine clothing for girls!"
Tell us a  little about the dresses and how you came to make them.
"I created all three of the 4th of July outfits last year. I love Patriotic things, and this fabric was so cute, I just had to come up with something to make with it. I've sold quite a few of the shoulder tie sundresses! I love how they turned out  - so simple, but so cute!"
Your favorite animal and color? 
"My favorite animal - I guess I'd have to say birds. I love watching and feeding the birds in our back yard. It's always fun when we spot a variety we've never seen or that doesn't come around very often. My favorite color is and has been for YEARS, purple!"
Where else can we find you?
"I have a blog that I try to keep up with regularly. You'll find special coupons, sales, and sneak previews there that  you won't find other places!"

Blue Jeans sandals, baby girl shoes with cute starsA girls got to have matching shoes, FiestaKidsBoutique,  pro Artfire member has made these very cute red, white and blue baby shoes.  Fiesta makes a wonderful assortment of baby shoes, crib shoes and baby booties, make sure to check out her shop for all your baby feet needs.

As you see dressing you little ones in cute and comfortable handmade clothing and accessories is easy.  What is even better is no other little girls will be wearing the same thing and the items are all modest.  Modesty is lost in department stores, for some reason they think we need to dress our little girls as women and models.  Kids grow up quick enough let them enjoy the fun and playtime of just being a kid!

Handmade is quality made!  Support handmade, buy handmade there is a face behind each piece!

Hand produced not Mass produced!!

Are you a artist that would like to have one of your items featured in a head to toe daily handmade look?  Please check out this post as to what is needed, Artist info.

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  1. Very sweet! Thanks so much for posting this. July 4th is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get these special outfits for your little girls. I love the hair bow and shoes too! They just complete the outfits! :)

  2. It's hard to believe the 4th of July is almost here. This is a great combination! I love the patchwork skirt!